Clap [Interactive VR Animation]

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VR & 3DCG Artist

  • 78th Venice International Film Festival VENICE VR EXPANDED - Nomination
  • 第78回ヴェネチア国際映画祭 ノミネート

When people want to express their admiration, they channel their emotions into their hands and clap, with energy and feeling, even if it means withstanding physical discomfort. But does that feeling ever reach the other person? In 'Clap,' the protagonist is the target of applause, and the story unfolds from the point of view of a person clapping. “Thread man”, the protagonist, lacks self-confidence, and feels so intently that he has no redeeming features that he has shrunk to a thread-like existence. One rainy day, the thread man is walking down an alley when an empty, rusty can falls in front of him. The can reverberates with a pleasant and amusing sound, and, taken in by it, he tries to recreate the sound himself by wearing the can on his foot and starting to dance. Soon a crowd of people gather around the thread man, and the sound of applause grows ever louder, though with the increased volume comes increased pressure, which troubles the thread man. Why did the thread man become scared of the sound of clapping and why could he no longer enjoy it? When your heartfelt applause reaches the thread man, the original meaning of clapping is restored, which signals the beginning of a beautiful sound.

人は心から相手を賞賛したいとき、手の痛みを我慢してでも、一生懸命大きく強く手をたたいて気持ちを届けようとします。しかし、その気持ちは相手にちゃんと届いているのでしょうか。 この物語はClapの受け手である主人公と、送り手であるあなたの目線で紡がれる物語です。 自分に自信がなく、自分のことを何の取り柄もないちっぽけな存在だと感じてしまい、糸のような姿になってしまった主人公、糸男。 ある雨の日、糸男が路地を歩いていると、目の前に錆びた空き缶が落ちてきます。その空き缶から鳴り響く、可笑しくも心地良い音に魅了された彼は、自分で音を鳴らしてみたくなり、空き缶を足に履いて踊り始めます。 やがて糸男の周りには大勢の人だかりができ、拍手の音も大きくなっていきます。しかし次第にその拍手が大きなプレッシャーとなり、彼を悩ませます。 糸男はなぜ拍手が怖くなり、受け入れられなくなってしまったのか。 あなたの心からの拍手を糸男に届けることができたとき、Clapは本来の意味を取り戻し、美しい音色を奏ではじめます。

Director : Keisuke Itoh

Producer : Katsutoshi Machiba

Producer : Hiroko Fujioka

Assistant Producer : Tetsuya Ohashi

Music : Yui Morishita

Story telling advisor:Raita Nakashima

Technical Support:Yutaka HAL HASHIMOTO


Technical sound designer:Masato Ushijima

Immersive sound designer・Mixing Engineer:Misaki Hasuo

Production Company : WOWOW × Cinemaleap